Mpps v5 инструкция

mpps v5 инструкция
Prior to this release, InnoDB would store spatial data as binary BLOB data. BLOB remains the underlying data type but spatial data types are now mapped to a new InnoDB internal data type, DATA_GEOMETRY. There is now a separate tablespace for all non-compressed InnoDB temporary tables. Performance Many people are aware that not all the available NetFlow probes are scalable. nProbe™ has been designed to keep up with multi-Gbit speeds on commodity hardware. Under normal operating conditions nProbe™ will collect traffic data and emit NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX flows towards the specified collector. InnoDB supports the Transportable Tablespace feature for partitioned InnoDB tables and individual InnoDB table partitions. See Section 4.6.1, “innochecksum — Offline InnoDB File Checksum Utility”. A new type of non-redo undo log for both normal and compressed temporary tables and related objects now resides in the temporary tablespace. The server now includes native syslog support, which has been extended to include Windows.

The default value of 1 maintains the previous configuration in which there is a single page cleaner thread. Online DDL support is extended to the following operations for regular and partitioned InnoDB tables: The Fusion-io Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) file system on Linux provides atomic write capability, which makes the InnoDB doublewrite buffer redundant. Full IPFIX support: PEN (Private Enterprise Numbers) and Variable length encoding.

For server upgrade instructions, see Section, “Changes Affecting Upgrades to MySQL 5.7”. DBAs are advised to also convert accounts that use the mysql_old_password authentication plugin to use mysql_native_password instead, because support for mysql_old_password has been removed. The switch series includes PoE+ options to power IP devices without the cost of additional cabling. Previous to MySQL 5.7.2, the dump thread took a lock on the binary log whenever reading an event; in MySQL 5.7.2 and later, this lock is held only while reading the position at the end of the last successfully written event. Support is added to InnoDB for full-text parser plugins. For more information, see Section 14.11.2, “Specifying the Row Format for a Table”. As of MySQL 5.7.11, InnoDB supports data-at-rest encryption for file-per-table tablespaces. Зарегистрируйтесь сейчас, чтобы получить доступ ко всем функциям.

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