Инструкция для casio lcf-21-1dr

инструкция для casio lcf-21-1dr
Compared to a Datamath it’s much smaller, several times lighter, has more functions, and never needs batteries or recharging. Assembled in USA. While not a true scientific calculator, it has several advanced features including reciprocals, squares, square roots, +/- key, Pi and memory. The «arc» notation has generally been replaced by the sin, cos or tan to the negative 1 exponent in modern calculators and text books. Purchased on eBay on 12-29-05 for $5 with $5.85 shipping. The cover comes off by moving two tabs at the bottom.

The Dalton name on the back is only faintly visible. It is serial number 150652. It weighs about 31.6 pounds. Compare the $24.95 price in 1976 with the $150 price of an SR 50 two years earlier. I have several working examples, one with one LED cell broken. Minor corrosion in battery compartment not affecting operation. Countdown Timer A timer can be a useful tool for giving a reminder, exercising, playing a game, or setting a cook time in the kitchen. To reach the Countdown Timer Mode, press the «Mode» button three times.

There is also a separate key for arc sin, arc cos and arc tan. You can do this, but only do it to watch the look of horror that appears when you hand them the Databank. «Oh, no, we can’t service those. The Casio AE1200 is also a customizable watch with the ability to adjust display options and screen settings. In fact, there are so many features that one may miss them if you don’t have access to a user manual, because they are not obviously displayed on the home screen.

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