Акрон-01 инструкция pdf

акрон-01 инструкция pdf
Hall Effect Current Sensor Our Hall Effect sensor plugs directly into a Hercules or Mini4x12 without requiring a current shunt. This node has 16 Outputs. 6231 Series — Vista III Drawing Product Information Flyer Weldon’s Vista III Node is a full color display capable of displaying images as well as text information. Modem Transceiver Module This module allows connection to a vehicle by using a computer equipped with a modem, and a phone line. Bluetouch Switch Panel Product Information Flyer WTI has solved the age old problem of legends on switches!

The software will run on all Windows based systems with an available USB port. V-MUX Connector Kits and Loose Connectors V-MUX Node Connector kits and loose Deutsch connectors available from Weldon. Расходомер АКРОН-01 предназначен для измерения мгновенного расхода и интегрального объема (количества) звукопроводящих жидкостей в напорных трубопроводах систем водоснабжения и канализации. This node has 4 Digital and 1 Analog Inputs as well as 12 Outputs. 6020 Series — Mini 16 Weldon’s Mini16 Node has 16 Digital Inputs. 6030 Series — 8×16 Drawing Drawing Weldon’s 8×16 Node is capable of carrying up to 80 amps of load. Current Shunt Interface Module Our encapsulated module is used to convert the signal from a current shunt into the V-MUX system.

Reviewing the information is made easy with an intuitive computer application. Data can be displayed, reported or used for load shedding or other automatic functions. This node has 6 Digital Inputs as well as 2 Inputs that can be used as Analog or Digital. This module has been the work horse of thousands of V-MUX systems in the field for over a decade. With the Blue Touch panels, the OEM can print their own legends by simply running our die-cut nylon sheet through their laser printer.

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