Инструкция к пульт k-90e

инструкция к пульт k-90e
Networking boost Prioritized game data for no-lag gameplay! Plus one step to manage all your public clouds or sync files among your PC and devices in a click. 3×3 dual band 2.4/5GHz antennas included. 802.11ac* Wi-Fi up to 1300Mb/s** transfer speed* Actual speed may vary, and Wi-Fi Hotspot use 802.11 a/b/g/n. Ultra-fast transfer speed Evolve your storage speed with SATA Express SATA Express provides up to 10Gbit/s data-transfer speeds from two PCIE 2.0 lanes, resolving the higher bandwidth request in the near future.

Reference tuning ratio range is up to 30. ASUS OC Socket tuning ratio range is 45+! Cache bus links all the essential CPU areas together. Precise Digital Power Control DIGI+ Power Control Power control is one of the most essential motherboard designs. Intel® Gigabit Ethernet has the serious double advantage of communicating directly with CPUs and offering high TCP and UDP throughput. Games run swiftly and smoothly with high performance, prioritized bandwidth and vivid sound.

Its intuitive tuning panel boosts a range of hardware; overclock your CPU, tune your fans, prioritize network data and optimize audio settings automatically. Energy waste is reduced so you’ll save money. Real-time speed monitor Grouping your own favorite list Set priority to speed up for your application Intel® Gigabit Ethernet —top gaming choice that goes faster with your CPU Faster, smoother gaming – always. Flex Support Plans should be used whenever a standard packaged service plan doesn’t exactly match your needs. Bienvenue chez MEIKO. Choisissez un pays, puis confirmez.

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